I love the fact that we have a sophomore independent film this year. From my point of view, it means that these film makers will have 3 years to hone their craft. Hannah Mullen (yes, that Mullen) is directing this film along with Rory Hardiman. These two, along with their asst. director, Doug Stewart, took the summer course and know what they’re doing. Nevertheless, as with any sophomore film we need to keep expectations in check. These guys are out to get laughs, and I think they can get them. Their star, Kyle Rafftery is a funny, talented kid. So far, they are very pleased with his performance. Also, they agreed to have Marvin Jean-Simon co-star in the film. Marvin has a very funny role as the goofy friend, so he should do well. The script works, but it’s up against other screenplays that were able to go through a good 9 to 11 months of drafts and revisions; whereas, these guys punched out their screenplay in a few months. From what I have seen so far (and it is tough, since they’re editing it at home) I think that this could be the best sophomore effort since Sabotage. That movie was technically very sound, but didn’t resonate with the crowd as well as it had hoped. Nevertheless, let’s not forget what happened to the crew of Sabotage two years later when they made their films as seniors—those students won Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor, and Best Art Director. I expect a similar result from this crew in 2014.

Buzz: A Tall Peppermint Hot Chocolate


These guys are an independent crew, so they won’t compete in most trivs battles. They will compete at the end-of-the-year wrap party (they’ll receive the same points as the lowest score). They do have a music trivs stud in Kyle Rafftery. This kid can play. And, if they keep Pat Connell in the movie, they’ll have the two best players that the sophomore class has. So, they could do some damage at the end of the year.


Green Light


Hello avid blog readers! We are finally getting stuff done YAY! We are a bit of a group of late starters because we are indies. One of the main reasons is that our star is sick (never drink the Cancun water). But never fear, he shall return with the legendary teacher performer, Mr. Jean! Also, one of the film festivalʼs most famous actors, Mr. Connor, is making an appearance in this film! Our producer Mr. Bakale has given us the green light to get out of pre-pro, so now we have to figure out how to film…Wish us the best.

With much love and kindness,

Mulberry Crew ❤

Hannah Blogging


Just had a script meeting with our official film producer Mr. Bakale. It was intense. Turns out we have to edit the script…again.  But the edits are just going to make it better and better! We are going to change up the monotonous middle (alliteration) into an exciting extravaganza (another alliteration).  Hopefully we are all going to learn how to use Rory’s fancy camera in time to film over midterms cause we are just a TAD behind schedule. But no need to fear we are becoming slowly and slowly more organized! and i love the poma crew.

Mulberry is Back


Hello from the new crew of Mulberry! We just finished our first draft which shows you how good we are at time management… We are the only independent AND the only all sophomore crew so basically we are the bomb.  Me, Hannah Mullen, and Rory Hardiman are the directors and the fantastic  Doug Stewart is our assistant director. the very talented Ashley Waldron and Brian Hazerjian are also doing art direction and music so this movie is going to come out AMAZING. This is our first step into the film festival so we are preparing for many challenges. BUT WE ARE READY.